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Atomy Global Locations – 2017 | 2018 Jan – Vietnam, Distric 7

Interview with Atomy
Chairman Park Han-Gil

Keeping to principle is the root culture of Atomy.

A multi-level marketing that disregards consumer cannot establish itself.

Q. What is Atomy’s corporate culture?

A. Atomy’s corporate culture refers to the principle-centric culture, shared-growth culture and sharing culture. But what is more important is that these three cultures all have one spiritual focus, which is the spirit to upkeep principle and fundamentals.Principle-centric culture is an internal culture within Atomy, while shared-growth culture is with collaborating businesses and sharing culture is the attitude we have towards the society. These cultures are simply an expression of the optimal culture created within its unique circumstances.

A society that keeps its promise on principle and fundamentalsmay be too ideologicalan objective but is what I envision for the society. A society that shares anda society whichthe strong takes care of the weak is a society that is able to thank for the sharing done and accept it wholeheartedly is a society everyone would love to live in, and such a society that upkeeps principle and fundamentalsis certainly both a dream and a targetto be part of,for every individual that forms the whole in Atomy.

However, keeping promises made based on principle and fundamentals is not an easy task. This is because man is has a basic instinct to be selfish. Instead of keeping promises of principles and concept, a person will always ask what is in it for his profit. When everyone seeks their own profit and nothing else matters to them, conflict arises everywhere. But what people don’t realise is that following the promises of principles and fundamentals is ultimately yields greater benefit for everyone involved. When principles and fundamentals are followed to its words, conflicts and confrontational issues fade. When there are no conflicts and no need for confrontation that is indeed the society that everyone wishes to live in.


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